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Finland, officially the Republic of Finland is a Nordic country of northeastern Europe. It is bordered by Norway, Sweden and Russia, and also has a long coastline of the Baltic Sea. Finland joined the United Nations in 1955 and became a member of the European Union (EU) in 1995, and became a part of the euro zone in 1999. The country is formally neutral.

Finland is called "the thousand lakes contry", which fits in well, since there are more than 60,000 lakes in the country. Most of Finland is less than 200 m. and the highest mountain is Halti at 1324 meters above sea level.

With all its lakes, Finland has nearly a maritime climate, the large air masses from neighboring Russia to the east is never far away. Both the high latitudes and the Atlantic means it never gets particularly hot summer, and the temperature rarely goes above 26 ° C. Temperature differences between the north and south are relatively small, and the heat record in Lapland is as high as in Helsinki. There are often two or three days between each rain squall on average, and in the summer months is not unusual thunderstorm, but there are also a lot of sun. Autumn rainfall takes up slightly, but the fall does not last particularly long, and the rain passes quickly over the snow, especially in the north.

Finland is a highly industrialized country with a mixed economy.
Popular Destinations

  #1  Helsinki

Popular attractions

  #1 Linnanmäki

  #2 Helsinki Cathedral

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