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Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe. The neighboring countries are Russia to the east and northeast, Latvia to the north, Lithuania to the northwest, Poland to the west and Ukraine to the south. The capital is Minsk.

Belarus became an independent country as late as 1991, when the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic declared independence from the Soviet Union.

The country is ruled by dictatorial hard hand, and international organizations accuse the regime for a number of human rights violations This has led to Belarus are largely isolated in the international arena, and the country has also been banned from European Council.

Belarus is mainly a flat land located on the eastern delete without natural limits.

Belarus has four entries on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites These four are Struve Geodetic Arc (shared with nine other countries), Mir Castle, Njasvizj Castle and Belaveskaja pusjtsja (part of Poland)

Byelorussian diet consists mainly of vegetables, meat and bread. Mats Teams include pork, cabbage, potatoes and bread. Drink like Russian vodka or sharp are popular.
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